Monday, April 22, 2013

Uh Oh, I have just deleted a post by mistake. I will re-post now.

It was posted yesterday Sunday 21st April

It has been raining here off and on all day. We certainly needed the rain as it is the first decent rain we have had this year. Unfortunately it meant that the All Clubs Picnic the the Legends Rock and Roll Club organise annually had to be cancelled. Ray was to be the Compare/DJ for the day and there were 5 bands playing as well. It is generally a very pleasant way to spend a day.

We went to the Port Dock Brewery Hotel in the afternoon and listened to The Silveradoes. I enjoyed their music and we had a few dances. Very relaxing a couple of champagnes, good music, a couple of dances and watching the rain fall.

These photos were taken at the Arkaba Hotel on the 13th April while we were celebrating Ray's 60th birthday. The Speedsters from Melbourne and Rave On from Adelaide were the bands and the music was great. It was a very lazy way out for me as all I had to do was organise the cake and some helium balloons and all the rest of the organising was done by the people putting the event on.

When we were on our cruise down the Mekong River, Andres celebrated his 60th birthday. We all gathered in Deb and Andres cabin for a few celebratory drinks before dinner. Somehow all of the girls ended up on the bed with Andres and a photo was taken. There were four females. At Ray's birthday someone suggested that he should try and beat the number of girls he could get in his photo laying on the bed with him. As there was no bed the dance floor was used. Don't you just love the two beautiful ladies at the back. They were the drummers from the two bands who had said if the show was a sell out they would do a number in drag. Lucky Ray

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