Sunday, August 4, 2013

A long time between drinks I know but I have been sick with this "flu" and then we went to Whyalla for a week to visit Mum and recuperate a bit. I must admit that it is only today that I have begun to feel anything like normal.

I have done nothing at all in the scrap room and am having withdrawals in a big way.

Tomorrow is a very busy day for me with yoga, doctors visit, bathing Daisy and taking her to the vet so it looks like tomorrow night is the first chance I am going to have to get my hands sticky.

I am working on a calendar at the moment and am up to October so only 3 months to go.

Mum is having a big clean out of all her crafty supplies so we bought back a car full of "stuff" that I hope to use on my projects over the next few months. There was lots of metal, beads, paints and sparkly things. I also bought a heap of burlap flowers and butterflies that will definitely make an appearance on a few of my layouts.

I am going to share a few photos from our family scrapbook that Mum kept of clippings in the local paper. These are very old newspaper clippings so the quality is not that great but interesting to me just the same.

Cindy won a Baby Show

And Cindy's birth announcement

Thanks for dropping by
I'll be back within the week with some photos to share
Till next time

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