Thursday, February 21, 2019

Travel Album Flip Through


Today I want to show you an album I have created following a Youtube tutorial by Scrapqueen
You will find my video here
You will find the album created by Scrapqueen here.

The album measures 9 1/4" x 11" by 3 1/2" deep

I have used Kaisercraft's Now Boarding paper collection.
I am going to Egypt later in the year and intend to use this album to store my photos from that trip.

I just love all of the interaction that this album has.

Here are some photos but they do not really do the album justice. I would encourage you to look at the video to see the real functionality of the album.

This photo shows the back cover, the spine and the front cover opened out flat.

Page 1. There is a large packet on the page on the left and a triple belly band on the page on the rights

Page 2 The left hand page has a lift up flap that is held in place with a magnet and the the bottom section opens down. then there are 2 double fold out photo mats that fold out to the left. The page on the right is very hard to explain. when you untie the ribbon there is a pocket which holds a large tag then the assembly folds down to reveal space for 4 photos and then fold up to hold another 4 photos. There is also a pocket in the side that holds a large photo mat.

The left page in this picture used 4 envelopes to make pockets that fold out to reveal a large area for photos. Each pocket has a photo mat inside of it. The page on the right is two clear pockets holding white photo mats. The metal embellishments swivel to allow that section to open to the left re3 pockets holding photo mats on the left side and a large photo area on the right.

The rust strip of paper on the left page has a magnet enclosed in the bottom circle to hold the page closed. When this is opened there are 2 clear 6" x 4" pockets which hinge on the left edge. They open to the left and reveal another large photo area and then this opens to reveal an even larger photo area.
The page on the right is too hard to try to explain, I will just say it is a puzzle page and please check it out in the video

The page on the left is held closed with a magnet, when the strip of black cardstock is lifted you can place photos on the area you can see in the photo here. When you open the flap there is a pop up feature and three pockets that hold photo mats. The page on the right is the inside back cover and has a pocket on it to hold my memorabilia.

I am really happy with this album and encourage you to check out the video

I also encourage you to check out Scrapqueen if you enjoy making albums from scratch. You will find a link to here at the top of this post and in the description box of the video.

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